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Good tax preparation helps you get the most of your visit with your accountant.  Below are some guidelines to follow when preparing for your tax appointment.

Remember the "Rule of 6 Ps":

Documents to Take to Your Tax Preparer
  • Social Security Numbers for all members of the family
  • W-2s for self and spouse
  • All 1099 forms received
  • Home purchase, sale and improvement documentation
  • Medical expenses
  • Mileage driven to receive medical services
  • Charitable contributions
  • Expenses you had to pay as an employee (uniforms, mileage, dues, etc.)
  • Mortgage interest paid
  • Tax preparation costs paid, safety deposit box fees paid, any other "miscellaneous deductible" items.


  • Record of all income, including 1099 forms received
  • Business travel records and amount spent
  • Auto mileage records including mileage log and auto expenses paid
  • Amount spent for your meals in the course of business (along with who you were with and what you did)
  • Records and amounts for any assets you purchased and sold
  • If your business is in your home, records of repairs, rent, utilities and other payments made for the whole house AND those specifically for your office space
  • Bank charges
  • Interest paid on business expenses

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